Celebrating the 30th anniversary of UNCRC in our CP Center in Essian IDPs camp

Voice of Old People and Family (VOP-Fam) is a humanitarian, developmental and relief, not-for-profit and non-governmental organization working to achieve a better life for older people and their family members on the basis of a human rights approach. VOP-Fam is registered with the Kurdistan regional government (according to the letter no. 9901 dated October 6th, 2004 issued by the Ministry of Interior) and reregistered with the Directorate of NGOs of the Kurdistan regional government (letter no. 452 dated April 28th, 2013). VOP-FAM is also registered with the Iraqi federal government (letter n. 3554 dated Feb. 27th, 2018).

VOP-Fam’s main office is located in Dohuk city but runs projects and activities in a number of other Iraqi cities and towns such as Erbil, Sulaymaniya Governorates and Shekhan, north Ninawa districts.