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Child Protection Program

VOP FAM has been implementing Child Protection (CP) programs since 2012. where UNICEF is our main partner, we have implemented a variety of CP projects with the support of many other local and international NGOs such as (WAR child, Concern and CAPNI). During the emergencies, we were among the first NGOs who responded to child protection concerns such as identifying and registering the Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) and implementing Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE) projects. Furthermore after the emergency, VOP FAM is running more development and sustainable projects in the affected communities such as Community-Based Child Protection projects.   


During the last years, we have delivered an intervention of CP services targeting all the children bellow the age of 18 years, their caregivers and the community around them. our services meant for individuals and groups such as: –
  • Static and mobile Child Friendly Spaces (CFS).
  • Community-Based CP centers.
  • Case Management.
  • Recreational Activities (Musical Bands, Theater, Sport Clubs, etc.).
  • Structured (Curriculum Based) Psycho social Support (PSS).
  • Mental Health and Psycho therapy for ISIS survived children.
  • Child Protection Networks.
  • Advocacy and awareness raising.

Latest Projects

To provide the mentioned services, many child protection projects has been implemented, the latest of them are: –

  • Community-Based Child Protection Services for Children, Adolescents and Community in Duhok and Ninawa Governorates, funded by UNICEF (March, 2019 – February, 2019).
  • Child protection case management intervention for Iraqi IDPs girls and boys aged between 0-17, living in (Kabarto1, Kabarto2 and Qadia), funded by Concern worldwide (January, 2019 – December, 2019).
  • Community based child protection for current Sinjar and Mosul IDP girls and boys aged between 5-17, living in camps and non-camp settings in Duhok and Ninawa governorate, funded by UNICEF (January, 2018 – December, 2018).
  • Child protection case management intervention for current Iraqi IDPs girls and boys aged between 0-17, living in (Kabarto1, Kabarto2 and Qadia), funded by Concern worldwide (February, 2018 – December, 2018).
  • Child protection service provision for Ninawa internally displaced girls and boys between the ages of 5-17, living in camp and non-camp settings in Duhok and Ninawa governorates. UNICEF emergency (April, 2017 – July, 2017).
  • Provision of child protection services to conflict affected boys and girls through mobile teams in Zummar and Bardarash districts, UNICEF emergency fund (September, 2016 – February, 2017).
  • Child protection service provision for internally displaced girls and boys between the ages of 5-17, living in camp and non-camp settings in Dohuk and Ninawa governorates. Funded by UNICEF (September, 2016 – September, 2017).
  • Protection of boys and girls living in three IDP camps, four non-camp settlements and host community in Shekhan and Amedi districts in Duhok Governorate. funded by UNICEF. (June, 2015 – June, 2016).
  • Child protection program in three IDPs camps and two non-comps in Duhok governorate. funded by Capni (2015).

Adolescents and Youth Development

As the most dynamic and energetic group in the society, youth are now more marginalized, left behind with the feeling of being useless and with no community care. Therefore, since 2015, VOP-FAM has placed a special focus on this group to make them feel the joy of life and their self-esteem. We really invest in them. 147 youth and adolescent volunteers in IDPs camps are now involved in networks after a lot of training and capacity building on leadership, social cohesion, volunteerism, peaceful coexistence.  A very good number of youth and adolescents are involved in recreational activities, art activities, sport activities, awareness raising and cleaning campaigns, capacity building and training.

To put it simply, civic, social and economic engagement is the main goal. Another important aim is engaging youth in social media platforms. We have now involved 18577 youth and adolescents in social media. This includes active participation through views, comments, likes and so on. Health and hygiene promotion and back to school campaigns are also other good concerns of us with special attention on adolescent girls’ health and hygiene through the adolescent girls’ toolkit training. Participatory Action Research (PAR) is another trend of our work. 50 youth and adolescents are involved in PAR. They are trained on various data collection tools (e.g. interviews, focus group discussions) and have collected data from their peers. This is to give the youth and adolescents voice and choice and let their voice heard. Vocational training courses for youth and adolescents constitute a part of our youth programme. We work with IDPs in camps and also with the host community. We have been implementing a very big programme for youth and adolescents funded and supported by UNICEF. We have targeted nearly 40000 youth and adolescents ages between 10 to 24 years.

The following are the programmes we have implemented and been implementing to date:

  1. Life skills training for youth and livelihood opportunities for IDPs and host community in Amadiya district
  2. Adolescent and youth leadership and community participation for social cohesion
  3. Promoting adolescent empowerment, civic engagement and Gender Based Violence prevention in Duhok Governorate.
  4. Development of Youth and Adolescents (10-24) in five IDPs camps


Peaceful Building

VOP- FAM has been working on peaceful coexistence since 2007 It started with a small research study to analyze the situation in Shekhan. Shekhan is a city to the North of Ninawa. It is of a diverse community where Yazidis, Muslims, and Christians live.  Based on the finding of the research conducted VOP-FAM established a wisdom house in Shekhan where the members voted for a Mola to be the head and one Priest to be the deputy and one Yazidi Peer to be the other deputy. The Wisdom House played an important role in conflict resolution and peace building. The programme was then extended to women and her role in conflict resolution. We ran a number of successive projects involving women of different backgrounds in sewing trainings in parallel with other peace building sessions. Youth were also included in peacebuilding. Committees of youth and community leaders were formed and sport activities were carried out for youth. Within other projects, peacebuilding and conflict resolution constitutes a good part.


VOP-FAM works on peace education and promotion through art, sport, recreational activities, and livelihood trainings. VOP-FAM considers this area as an area that needs attention and hard work. It saves lives and brings peace into existence. Most of our peacebuilding programme is funded by IFA/Zivik in Germany.  


VOP FAM implemented the following projects on peace building

  1. Establishment of a Wisdom House in Shekhan.
  2. Raising Awareness on Peaceful coexistence.
  3. Enhancing Peaceful Coexistence through working women
  4. Art Campaign to Disseminate Peaceful Coexistence in Shekhan
  5. Supporting Peaceful Coexistence and Social Cohesion in Kabarto 2 and Dawudiya IDPs camps and Shekhan District.
  6. Establishment of A Women Peacebuilding and Early Warning System